A little public update regarding the progress in Unity ^_^

It's taking a bit of time to learn how to do things in a brand new program, but so far things are going well, and it's been quite fun to experiment with all sorts of effects and events.

Here's a little screenshot from the start of the game. Also working on a sneak-peek/video for patrons soon ^^

Long time no see...but don't worry, the project is not abandoned, far from it!

However, during the programming process there's been a few obstacles that both hindered the workflow and caused us to always having to make changes regarding how we originally wanted the project to be. After a lot of tedious back and forth, we eventually came to a much better solution: simply moving the entire project over to a new engine! And that engine is probably one you've already heard of (since many indie game developers have been using it): it's called Unity, and it brings in a lot of fresh opportunities when it comes to export options (whereas the original engine had limited options mainly for Windows/PC export) and lots of other possibilites that were previously either hard to accomplish or even impossible. Overall, Unity is giving us a chance to do things the other engine simply wasn't able to ^_^

As always, our supporters over at Patreon will get updates and sneak-peeks during the progress, but every now and then there will be some updates here as well.

Today, a small playable preview of the game was added to our Patreon supporters ^_^

Here is a direct link to the post (note: this preview contains the adult version only).


The first adult scene now has an available animated preview for Patreon supporters. As shown in that Patreon post, the animation will have a "zoom in" option in order to view an optional larger version. A small playable version of the game will be uploaded on Patreon sometime later this month as well ^_^

Here's a SFW screenshot (go to the "18+ Content" page to view some NSFW versions):

Here's the first preview video that was published on Patreon last month! ^_^

This is a short video just showing a little bit of the first level, featuring Alexa as the player. There are no enemies or such added, the only thing she does is collect some gold and a skull potion from two chests.

Here's the direct link to the video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmezgG5t4VQ

As mentioned in the previous post, we're currently showing some previews and running polls on our Patreon page so the supporters can join in deciding the game's development. Just recently, we had a poll for the first enemy to be included in the game (among three different enemies). The winner was "Cyclops Plant Girl" ^_^

Here's the SFW version of her (go to the "18+ Content" page to view the NSFW version):

Welcome to "The Secret of Zombolia"! This is the official website for our new game project, which is funded by our patreon supporters ^_^

"The Secret Of Zombolia" is a sidescrolling jungle adventure game, with animated and fully voiced cutscenes. The game will have both a "SFW" version, and a "NSFW" version (with adult content).

SOME SCREENSHOTS (click for larger versions):
2d Jungle Game

2d Jungle game

2d Jungle game

The game is in development, and patreon supporters are currently getting a look into the progress (which means screenshots, animation previews and small playable downloads, and we'll also add some polls where the supporters can vote for which content to be included in the first demo). When we have completed the first demo, it will be released here on this website for public download. The full game will also be released for free to the public when it is completed!

This website will be updated with news and info about the game, so if you're interested, please stay tuned ^_^