"The Secret Of Zombolia" is a collab project between Vanja and Tom, a couple from Norway that's been doing misc. comic & game projects over several years. On our patreon page, http://www.patreon.com/wildsidecomix, we have both solo-projects and collab projects, but this is the first game project that we are both working on. And depending on how it'll be received and if our supporters enjoy it, it may not be the last game project we'll be making together ^_^

"The Secret Of Zombolia" is a sidescrolling jungle adventure game. It can be played both as a "SFW and "NSFW" version (the latter containing adult scenes). If you want to read more about what the adult version contains, please go to the "18+ CONTENT" PAGE.


The game will open with an animated intro (fully voiced), where treasure hunter Clark and a botanist named Benny is traversing through the jungle at night. Clark is determined to find the rumored treasure of Zombolia, dragging a rather unwilling Benny with him. After hearing drums and music, they follow the sound and find themselves near a cave with the appearance of a giant skull. Watching the natives doing a ritualistic dance in front of it, Clark is determined to wait until they've left since he's convinced the treasure must be inside. What he finds inside, however, is an ancient spirit that's been kept at bay for decades by the inhabitants of Zombolia. When unleashing the evil spirit, Clark is possessed by it. Now that the spirit has a new host, it starts demanding the sacrifices of young women...it is now Zombolia's evil Jungle God, just like it was decades ago...

The game starts when three girls (Alexa, Julia and Sophie) travels to Zombolia to look for Sophie's lost father (Benny). They find themselves quickly trapped in a jungle that is now filled with creatures looking to capture them to their newly freed God. Trying to seek advice from Zombolia's young priestess, Paquita, they travel even further into the depths of the jungle, hoping to find Sophie's father alive, and to put the evil spirit back where it belongs.


The game contains multiple sidescrolling levels with various enemies and barriers. You can switch between all of the three girls by choice, and they are all having their own weapon which have special abilities: Sophie is the "Gun Girl" (great for fights where you don't want to be anywhere near the enemy), Alexa is "Machete Girl" (which will be needed when cutting through thick bushes to clear the path) and Julia is "Whip Girl" (which will be useful when needing to touch or catch things from afar).

The game contains shops (where you can use collected gold), and there are potions for health and upgrades for the weapons. There are also additional hearts which will increase the maximum hearts of your healthbar.


Alexa is the girl with the machete, and is the toughest of the trio. She's not afraid of the jungle and the creatures, and is determined to help Sophie finding her father.

Alexa is also (in the adult version) becoming very friendly with Paquita, the Zombolia Priestess...

Sophie is the girl looking for her lost father (Benny). Benny is a botanist who travelled to Zombolia in order to discover new plants, but when Sophie stopped hearing from him she got worried and decided to travel after him. Joined with her two best friends, she's certain they'll help her finding him. Sophie's weapon is the gun.
Julia is a light-hearted girl who find the whole thing more exciting than intimidating, and will stop at nothing when it comes to helping her friends. Julia's weapon is the whip, which has several uses throughout the game.